Actively face debt, build wealth and make a clear financial plan for the future

Create the freedom to pursue activities, careers, and experiences that make you feel most fulfilled.



Live Class (45 mins): Every week I will cover a new theme with specific, actionable assignments to ensure you are making progress.

Guidance Hour: Each week I will also host an hourlong live guidance call for support, questions, and encouragement.

Led Meditations (15 mins): For each class, you will receive a guided meditation to unearth your own faulty programming around money and update it to match the life you truly want to be living.

*A personal coaching package is available if you would like individualized feedback and support.


Wealth Realization Course Schedule


Class 1: The Stories That Own Us

Class2: Dreams, Values & Big Beautiful Goals

Class 3: Falling in Love with Reality

Class 4: Getting Paid for What You’re Worth

Class 5: The Secret to Updating Your $ Habits

Class 6: Sweet Simplicity and More Than Enough

Class 7: Authentic & Honest Value-Based Spending

Class 8: Cut Your Own Path ~ Self-Trust in Action

Class 9: Only and Always Investing

Class 10: Mastering the Energetics of Debt

Class 11: Savings, Security and the F-You Fund

Class 12: Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

Class 13: Owning Your Future



$275 (Course without coaching package)

$625 (Course with 3 personal coaching sessions)

To reserve your spot in the next Course, send Ariel a note HERE that says “I’m ready to wake up my money!”

Take control of your wealth so you’re no longer restricted by other peoples’ opinions and decisions.