When your blocked truth starts breaking stuff

There is quite a bit of inner disturbance when you aren’t acting on your genuine values, and doing the thing you feel called to do.  

And from what I’ve seen, it almost always shows up in the body. 

For example: 

  • You’re squashing the call to amplify your voice so your throat feels glommed up and it’s hard to breathe sometimes.
  • You’re dismissing the repeated call to deeply study plant and herbal medicine and your body stiffness and pain seems to get worse each day (while your doc says there’s “no medical reason” for it).
  • You’re denying the sense that you’re supposed to become a community leader, while surges of anger and frustration fill you at small, silly things.

No matter how much you think you should be able to overcome this physiological revolt, your body just keeps letting you know: Babe, we are WAY OFF TRACK here! We are OUT OF ALIGNMENT. Sh!t ain’t working right now.

Basically, you are INCOHERENT. (That’s the trauma-world word for things being out of sync in the different parts of your body/mind.)  

This is also called being out of alignment. Or in Martha Beck’s new book she calls it “not in integrity” because a structure with ‘integrity’, like a well-made ship, holds itself together properly. 

There is an energetic field around our repression that affects us physically! 

This was quite evident when I was recently in a disagreement with someone. Instead of speaking my full truth, I shoved it down and tried to talk around it.  

When the conversation ended I turned to the stove where I was cooking something and the glass pot lid that was laying beside the burner suddenly shattered – out of nowhere!  

I was like, DANG, I gotta be honest here – my incoherence is breaking stuff!

Shattered glass courtesy of my repressed communication

Oftentimes, the only way to progress with mysterious body issues, is to take action to pursue the calling we are ignoring.  

Now, I’m not saying the symptoms will magically disappear when you take action on what you feel genuinely called to do, but I am saying that it’s highly likely you’ll start to notice some shifts.  

In fact, many times when the body tosses us an uncomfortable sensation, persistent pain, or life-shattering disease, it FORCES us to begin to get more real with the truest thing we feel called to do. 

What I want to encourage you to do today, is to take a minute to pause and feel what’s going on in your own body.  

Scan, from head to toe, how you feel. Anywhere extra tense? Blocked? Charged? Anywhere numb, achy, or weak? 

As you feel into any place of disharmony, ask yourself, “What do I really long to do? What am I denying? What do I feel called toward right now?” 

What arises? 

Then watch out for any thoughts that immediately jump up and try to BLOCK your inner voice – or talk you out of what you long for (or won’t even let you get far enough to FEEL what you genuinely are called to!). 

This is a powerful moment. 

It’s the moment where you can admit to yourself that life, as you’re living it, isn’t quite enough. 

You want to live truer – and your body is your best possible ally – holding out for your highest potential. 

Living from your integrity and bringing your outer-world pursuits and actions into coherence with your innermost calls brings a very different feeling to life… 


And I really don’t think you should settle for anything less.

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Wishing you a very You day,



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