Light the path to resolution.

Illuminate the places of loss, abuse, and sadness that have held you back over the years. Make the shift from fear-based living to personal freedom and choice.

Reclaim your voice.


“Let’s Breathe Together” Virtual Gatherings

Every Sunday I host a free online yoga breathing & guided meditation class…

Learn about the interrelationship between your life circumstances, thoughts, physiology, and breath. Reconnect to your vitality, heart, and spirit. Take this opportunity to feel into what’s true and important to you… with a gathering of other wonderful humans. I’d love to see you there! Join Ariel’s List to get the link.

“I have been practicing and teaching energy medicine for over ten years – I teach people how to be healing facilitators and am incredibly discerning with whom I work with. Ariel holds impeccable, exquisite, vast space for her clients to fully find their way forward. She’s deeply aware and intuitive, attunes to her clients with great precision and guides with clear, timeless wisdom, resonating Truth in a soft, kind, and powerful way.”
~ elise kost (Temple of Changes :: Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher)