Come to Trust Your Body More Each Day

Imagine feeling free and confident in your body every day. Aches and pains, reduced. Connection to self, deepened. Overall vitality, amplified.

This is where you discover that version of you– through a daily practice that aligns your bones, tones your muscles, and fuels your vitality so you can fully live the life you love.

I’ve laid out the path, all you need to do is show up.

Hello hello! Ariel here…

Teacher of embodiment – creating trust and freedom within the physical form.

After a decade leading thousands of classes in yoga, corrective exercise, regeneration, and meditation, I’ve designed a movement program for those who want to feel strong, vibrant, and at home in their skin– even if that skin is showing some wear and tear these days.  If you’re craving movement that is gradual and graceful without excessive strain and you want to care for your body from a place of gratitude and self-respect, then my EMBODIED Program is for you!