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Join me at Nantucket Yoga Festival!

July 12-14th in Nantucket, MA

I cannot wait to return to the Nantucket Yoga Festival this summer! I’m offering three workshops there – two of them are brand new. Have a look below.

Early bird pricing for the festival goes until the end of April. So check it out now, book your tickets, and book your travel! A wonderful excuse to bring your best friend, family, or private lover to this magical island (flights only 45 minutes from NYC!)

COMPLETE CORE AWAKENING (Saturday morning) – To awaken your core is to strengthen, stretch and sense yourself from the inside out….

SOMATIC WISDOM WITHIN (Saturday afternoon) – There is a wealth of intelligence waiting to be discovered within, if you choose to listen…

DYNAMIC HIP HEALTH (Sunday morning) – Hip health is a complex topic because your hips and pelvis are intricate structures…


Energy cannot be created nor destroyed… but it can be transformed

Each and every aspect of my professional life is about transformation.

Sometimes it’s about pulling yourself up out of the pain, defeat and trauma of the past. Sometimes it’s about claiming your potential and taking positive steps toward a bigger, brighter future.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of high and low at this moment in life, I’d love to help you take action to transform into the next most honest, most vital expression of yourself.


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