Imagine feeling confident in your body every day. Aches and pains, reduced. Connection to self, deepened. Overall vitality, amplified.


This is where you discover that version of you– through a regular practice that aligns your bones, tones your muscles, and fuels your vitality so you can fully live the life you love.


I’ve laid out the path, all you need to do is show up.

Hello hello! Ariel here…

Teacher of embodiment – creating trust and freedom through the physical form

After a decade leading thousands of classes in yoga, corrective exercise, regeneration, and meditation, I’ve designed a movement program for those who want to feel strong, vibrant, and at home in their skin – even if that skin is showing some wear and tear these days. 

If you’re craving a movement practice that is gradual and graceful without excessive strain and you want to care for your body from a place of gratitude and self-respect, then my EMBODIED Program is for you!


As a teacher of physical practices for 30 plus years, I find Ariel’s approach so completely refreshing. She’s got chops – knows her anatomy, physiology and biomechanics and pairs that knowledge with practical down to earth language and humor. Practicing with Ariel is fun and my body has never felt smarter! 



I have been feeling more connected to myself since I started the EMBODIED program and it’s become something that breaks up my work day and grounds me. It brings me back into the here and now on a daily basis, something that has become essential especially in the last 12 months since all of our lives have been disrupted. In addition, I have been feeling incredible physical benefits. I am a big runner and have been able to remain injury free since I started the program – I feel stronger and more flexible in my running than ever before.


Isabelle S.

Having had other teachers I come back to Ariel because her teaching is more clear, more fun, more powerfully successful. Never condescending or worried or stressed or pushing or critical. She wants to succeed and to have her students feel empowered.  Ariel’s program slowly unfolds in a sustainable way.


Margaret N.

I’ve been enrolled since the beginning (October 2020), and it’s truly been a lifeline to vitality and serenity in an uncertain time. The variety in classes (strengthening, toning, conditioning) along with weekly themes and wellness philosophy keep things fresh while building upon previous weeks.


Rachel C.

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