Discovering secret stairs and braving Colorado wilds

Here in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles there are several ‘secret stairways’ tucked into the hills which I have gotten into the habit of climbing as a part of my fitness routine. These long, stone stairways were built back in 1923 when the ‘Hollywoodland’ neighborhood was first created by housing developers. It is the portion of […]

How to Access Confidence You Didn’t Think You Had

Genuine confidence feels amazing.   It feels so good to walk into a room believing in yourself – in your significance and validity as a human.  There’s this sense of coherence – of all parts of you working in harmony, of being WHOLE as opposed to fragmented.  Healthy confidence isn’t arrogance. Quite the opposite. When you feel confident in […]

The Crystal Ball Thought Experiment

Ten years ago I learned the miraculous-feeling connection between ‘getting in my body’ and receiving psychic messages. Back in 2011 I was just starting out my career as a yoga teacher, living in LA, immersing myself in every training I could afford. It was April and I was in Day 2 of a three-day shoulder […]


This week I want to offer you a meditation I recorded back in December that I really love called ALWAYS HEALING. It’s the perfect way to start healing physical aches, pains, and injuries. After doing the meditation, take some time to ponder which skillful actions you want to take to continue to heal. Your body […]

It’s your body. It’s your life. It’s your choice.

Tensions are running high out there as we all rub our eyes, peek through the shades, and envision stepping into the world again. It may seem like time has been frozen for the past year, and you might feel like you should be able to waltz back into life as you knew it. But that’s […]


Do you regularly experience how inwardly delicious it is when your spine is aligned? That feeling of LIFT or ASCENSION moving up through your center? It’s like being perfectly poised between heaven and earth… So I made a mini-practice about it. Check out the below video. It’s just 15 minutes and it’ll lift you up […]