Does pursuing your calling mean losing your family?

When a woman acknowledges her calling, one of the concerns that often arises is the fear that she will undermine or abandon her family (or other friends/loved ones). (Some women also fear that if they pursue their calling, they may never have a family, or attract a life partner.) Among her priorities, her partner, kids, […]

Overwhelm is a liar

When you know something in your life needs to change, but you aren’t sure HOW to go about it, overwhelm is natural. But overwhelm lies. Overwhelm makes you think that there are SO MANY STEPS you have to take to make the change. Overwhelm complains that NOBODY will understand and EVERYONE will have a problem […]

“So many women die unfinished…”

Last night, while sleeping, a word kept echoing in my mind: Conviction, conviction, conviction. My unconscious was nudging me toward greater bravery in sharing this message today. So, I don’t want to beat around the bush here – this is the message: IT’S IMPERATIVE THAT YOU FOLLOW YOUR DEEPER CALLINGS TOWARD A FULLY REALIZED LIFE. […]

When your blocked truth starts breaking stuff

There is quite a bit of inner disturbance when you aren’t acting on your genuine values, and doing the thing you feel called to do.   And from what I’ve seen, it almost always shows up in the body.  For example:  You’re squashing the call to amplify your voice so your throat feels glommed up and […]

Answering the call is only the beginning

The first really loud life calling I got was a voice in my head that said “I want to give my life to yoga.”  I was 28 and although I had spent the prior 10 years privately immersing myself in yoga philosophy, and the past two years religiously attending asana classes, I was considering some […]

This is why you must Quest, Ladies

Have you ever found yourself caught at a moment in life where you are uncertain what your purpose is?  Or you’re in a bummer of a relationship, or sucky work environment, but you’re totally stuck as to how to get out? Or have you ever been stuck in a rut of things being “fine”, but […]

What I learned interviewing 50 wise women

Over the past two months I interviewed 50 women on the topic of trusting their inner callings. These are women whom I admire. Women who have had all kinds of rich, painful, revelatory, joyous, challenging life experiences.  They are women who regularly sense their intuitions speaking, but don’t always feel the strength to follow them. […]

Do THIS to recognize your own beauty…

Is this you? Wake up in the morning, go to the mirror, look at your face and immediately start to analyze – is my nose getting bigger? Is my skin getting spottier? Is that eye drooping? Did I sprout yet another gray brow? If this type of inner criticism sounds familiar, I want to propose […]

Discovering secret stairs and braving Colorado wilds

Here in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles there are several ‘secret stairways’ tucked into the hills which I have gotten into the habit of climbing as a part of my fitness routine. These long, stone stairways were built back in 1923 when the ‘Hollywoodland’ neighborhood was first created by housing developers. It is the portion of […]

How to Access Confidence You Didn’t Think You Had

Genuine confidence feels amazing.   It feels so good to walk into a room believing in yourself – in your significance and validity as a human.  There’s this sense of coherence – of all parts of you working in harmony, of being WHOLE as opposed to fragmented.  Healthy confidence isn’t arrogance. Quite the opposite. When you feel confident in […]